Platters, Trays & Gift Boxes

You don’t have to wait for a large event to order a Brie & Banquet piece!

Perfect for BBQs, picnics, potlucks, road trips, luxury travel and unique gifts. Our platters, trays & gift boxes are available for delivery or pickup 7 days a week. Playful, bright and elegant styling, with the freshest seasonal ingredients, each made to order, easy to transport and serving sizes starting at 1+


To preserve the integrity of our craft, for events requiring 12+ Platters it is strongly recommended to book a Grazing Table or Grazing Board unless onsite setup time is strictly limited to less than 75 minutes.

Happy Host 3 Platter Special


Serves 12 - 14 an appetizer serving, 6 - 7 a light meal serving. 

A selection of the freshest, seasonal fruits & veggies.

Serves 8 - 10 an appetizer serving, 4 - 5 a light meal serving. 

A stunning selection of all things chocolate!

Provides a light meal serving for 2 (or a robust meal serving for one)

A beautiful selection of desserts and sweet treats. 




Have a thoughtfully curated, seasonal Brie & Banquet Picnic Box delivered each month! Makes a gorgeous gift, or the perfect monthly date night meal. Available in 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions, billed monthly.

Each platter is hand-crafted, hand curated and made to order. Selections are seasonal and unique to each piece.

With Brie & Banquet, no two pieces are ever the same – your item will differ from the photos - we like it that way and hope that you can appreciate that your purchase is totally unique to you and thoughtfully hand-styled too.

We support local, small businesses, mindfully grown and thoughtfully produced ingredients as often as possible.