Cheese & Treat Gift Boxes

Cheese & Treat Gift Boxes


Beautifully designed and thoughtfully curated. A striking and pretty gift for almost anyone. Layered with indulgence and fun to explore. Beautiful gift for new mothers, clients, parents, hostess gifts, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, great for almost anyone for almost any occasion.

Contains 3 individually wrapped, uncut, artisanal cheeses, one antipasti cup, locally crafted jelly or jam, nuts, dried fruits and other sweet treats. Comes wrapped with a pretty ribbon.

Cheese & Treat Gift Boxes are available in 2 colours: ivory and pink.  10" x 6" dimension. Serves 2 a generous amount of artisan cheeses and treats.

Cheese & Treat Gift Boxes require cheeses to be cut prior to serving (unlike our Savoury Gift Boxes and Picnic Boxes that are ready-to-eat/eat-from-the-box style) because of this, they will hold well in the fridge for at least 48 hours and outside of the fridge for 4 hours. Perfect for deliveries to work places, or when you are unsure when the recipient will be consuming the gift.

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For greatest freshness we recommend that this gift is received by the end recipient no more than 24 hours after delivery from Brie & Banquet and consumed within 48 hours of creation. Cheese & Treat Gift Boxes are made to order. We request 48 hours for creation and delivery.

Short for time or want something special added? Let us know and we'll do our very best to make it happen.

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Each platter is hand-crafted, hand curated and made to order. Selections are seasonal and unique to each piece.

With Brie & Banquet, no two pieces are ever the same – your item will differ from the photos - we like it that way and hope that you can appreciate that your purchase is totally unique to you and thoughtfully hand-styled too.

We support local, small businesses, mindfully grown and thoughtfully produced ingredients as often as possible.