Brie & Banquet Wild Catering Co.
Alberta, Canada

Calgary Kitchen: 10, 1420 40 Ave NE Tel. 403.874.7006


Brie & Banquet is a passion project that has been percolating in my mind for years, growing and flowing and finally coming together in the form of Calgary’s first Grazing Catering Co. It’s a blending and sharing of beauty, balance and bites; pulling from my background in interior design, holistic nutrition and private cooking. Offering grazing boards, platters, boxes and elaborate food displays, Brie & Banquet is making event food interesting, fun, interactive and incredibly pretty. It’s a rebellious, unconventional and unpretentious catering co. eliminating intimidation while using lavish, local and artisanal ingredients in a wild, whimsical and still approachable way. Deliciously edible art showcasing grazing culture and abundantly celebrating the natural beauty in our food.  

- Katie Eyre, Owner & Creative Lead, Brie & Banquet Wild Catering Co.